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Rental Conditions of Lemon Suites

Been looking for a rental property for a while? Then you’re in the right place at Lemon Suites!
Our clients have a set of rental requirements that are necessary to qualify for the rental property that is right for you. These allocation criteria may vary from property to property.

Allocation criteria of rental property

The allocation criteria of the rental conditions follow general guidelines:

  • Your gross monthly income (including vacation pay and fixed bonuses/allowances) should be at least 3.5 times the monthly rent in most cases;
  • Your partner’s income is in most cases counted for 1/3. If you both receive AOW, the second income can be counted for 100%;
  • You must have an employment contract for at least one year. Different income calculations and/or additional conditions apply to self-employed persons and phase B temporary workers. These are considered on an individual basis. If you have a phase A temporary contract, unfortunately we cannot do anything for you;
  • Are you self-employed? You must meet the requirement of a gross monthly income of 3.5 times the monthly rent. When renting out, an increased guarantee deposit is often requested as standard;
  • You rent for a minimum period of 12 months.

Explanation of rental conditions

Are the above points of the rental conditions not applicable to your situation, but do you have demonstrable equity? Equity may be included in some cases. Note: in addition to this equity, there must always be a fixed income.

Why rental conditions to qualify?

It is our mission to help you as a house hunter find the right home. The idea is that the house suits you and your situation. To make this happen, our clients use rental terms. This way you will not encounter any surprises and it is clear to everyone what the rights and obligations are.

You meet the rental conditions and want an appointment

Then respond to the rental offer! We will check with you whether you meet the rental conditions and are actually eligible. If this is the case, we will make sure that you can move into the house as soon as possible!

Do you have questions about our rental terms?
Our staff will be happy to answer any of your unanswered questions