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Commercial property management

Have you recently thought about outsourcing your commercial property management? At Lemon Suites, we are happy to help. We have a total package that includes all primary and support services to make your life easier. This way, your real estate portfolio is in good hands 24 hours a day. Part of the total property management package that Lemon Suites offers is the commercial property management.

How does that work?

We are happy to explain it to you. You can call or email us. The professionals at Lemon Suites will gladly inform you about commercial property management. Do you have other questions about the possibilities of our total package? Don’t worry, we will explain everything to you carefully and completely.

Would you like more information about commercial property management?
We are happy to help you

Commercial property management with Lemon Suites

If we are going to manage your real estate properties, part of this service is to take care of your commercial property management. Read below to find out what this entails:

Promoting your property(s) among potential tenants;

  1. Advising and determining rents (in compliance with applicable rent commission regulations);
  2. Selecting reliable tenants;
  3. Performing a so-called ‘tenant check’;
  4. Taking care of viewings;
  5. Maintaining contact with the tenant, the property owner and any VVEs;
  6. Monitoring compliance with the lease;
  7. Total care by Lemon Suites.

Total package property management Lemon Suites

The total package of Lemon Suites is of course broader than just commercial property management. Administrative property management and technical property management are also included in the total package. The special thing about this complete service is that we have full control over your property and will not be faced with any unwanted surprises. This is an important advantage of having everything under our own management.

Our professional and efficient approach means we save time, and because we value you highly, we invest that time back into personal attention for you and your tenants. That’s what really sets Lemon Suites apart!

Of course, commercial property management is not the only service we offer. Lemon Suites offers more relevant real estate services. It is also possible to buy off breakdowns and repairs on a per-home basis. This will ensure that problems in your tenants’ homes are fixed quickly and properly.

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