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Technical management real estate

At Lemon Suites you have the opportunity to house your technical property management. Are you wondering how we make this possible? Lemon Suites offers one total package with all primary and supporting services. Technical property management is part of this total package. This allows us to take the hassle out of your hands and let you daydream about enjoying your returns as a property owner.

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Technical property management Lemon Suites

When we manage your real estate properties, we provide technical property management, among other services. Below we show you what you can expect:

  • Perform various inspections upon mutation and prepare inspection reports;
  • Adequate handling of complaints and mutation maintenance within the agreed monthly amount;
  • Issuing maintenance proposals as a result of periodic inspections;
  • Requesting quotations, issuing orders and monitoring the maintenance work;
  • Handing over houses to new tenants;
  • Concluding service and maintenance contracts in line with the market;
  • Taking care of key management;
  • 24/7 service

Total care by Lemon Suites

At Lemon Suites your real estate is in good hands 24 hours a day through one total package. When Lemon Suites manages your property, in addition to technical property management we also take care of administrative property management and commercial property management. It is possible to buy the follow-up of failures and repairs – for a competitive rate. This way we help you and your tenants quickly and adequately.

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