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Rent out your property

Do you want to rent out an apartment or house? Your property is in good hands at Lemon Suites. Our specialists have years of experience in the rental business and are all registered (candidate) NVM brokers. We provide the right guidance and the best match with tenants.

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About property rental through Lemon Suites

Rent out your property with Lemon Suites

Renting out a property is a complex business. It takes time and proper screening to find the right (long-term) tenant on short notice. The rental agents at Lemon Suites will fully guide you as a landlord through this process. We have an extensive database of candidates who are looking for a rental property and in addition, upon approval, we will make your property available to the following platforms:

Van Santvoort Brokers

Through an integrated approach, including smart software and project teams we find the right tenant for you that meets your needs. Lemon Suites rents for individuals, small and large investment companies.

Rent out your property in 5 steps

We rent out your property through 5 clear steps. We like to keep renting out your property simple and transparent. Lemon Suites uses 5 steps to rent your property to the landlord that meets your needs.

  1. Put your property on the market
  2. Smart software: our software collects all the specific wishes and needs of potential tenants. Using a strict selection process, this software brings supply and demand together.
    Committed team: we put together a committed team that fits the particular property or complex. This team will ultimately guide the tenants personally through the rental process.
  3. Match! A match is created between supply and demand. The system has found the perfect tenant for the property.
  4. Personal guidance: the team involved with this property takes over from here and guides the potential tenant further in the rental process.
  5. Dream home: the tenant has found her or his dream home and signed the necessary documents, in cooperation with the team of Lemon Suites. Nothing stands in the way of ultimate living happiness.

Taking the rental process completely out of your hands

We guide you completely through the process of renting out your property. This way we relieve you of the entire process, from the moment of the intake to put your house on the market to the moment the tenant has signed the lease.  Please contact our rental agent for a personal intake without any obligation, you can do this by leaving your details in the form below or by contacting us directly.

Property Management

In addition to renting out your home, apartment rental or new construction home, Lemon Suites also offers property management. Our management includes a wide range of services that allow you, as a landlord, to enjoy carefree returns.