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Rent out new buildings

Do you want to rent out new construction? Upon completion of your new construction home or new construction complex, you want all of the homes to be rented. Lemon Suites offers specialized rental assistance for new construction rentals. This way we ensure that your new construction project is provided with a reliable tenant.

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About renting out new buildings through Lemon Suites

Rent out new buildings with Lemon Suites

A rental process for a new construction project is different than for existing housing. Renting out a newly built property requires more market knowledge, effort and marketing expertise. Scheduling a viewing is not always possible and clear images are not always available. Lemon Suites helps you to market your property and make potential tenants enthusiastic about it. We do this by providing impressions. In this way we bring your new home into the picture. The goal is to rent out your new home to the perfect tenant(s).

Renting out your newly built property in 5 steps

Want to rent out your newly built property? We will gladly take over the entire process of renting out your newly built property from you. The Lemon Suites rental process consists of 5 simple and clear steps.

  1. Putting your property on the market
  2. Smart software: our software collects all the specific wishes and needs of potential tenants. Based on a strict selection process, this software brings supply and demand together.
    Committed team: we put together a committed team that fits the particular property or complex. This team will ultimately guide the tenants personally through the rental process.
  3. Match! A match is created between supply and demand. The system has found the perfect tenant for the property.
  4. Personal guidance: the team involved with this property takes over from here and guides the potential tenant further in the rental process.
  5. Dream home: the tenant has found her or his dream home and signed the necessary documents, in cooperation with the team of Lemon Suites. Nothing stands in the way of ultimate living bliss.

We make sure your new construction project receives the right presentation and promotion to enter the market in the best way. To rent out your new construction, our rental process above starts with marketing. We will market your real estate online, so that your new construction project will be optimally visible among potential tenants. We do this by offering your property on platforms such as: Van Santvoort Makelaars, Funda, Pararius and Huurwoningen.nl.

Rent out and manage new properties

Besides letting new properties, it is also possible to let existing properties through Lemon Suites. Another option is to outsource your total property management to Lemon Suites. In that case, we will completely take care of all primary and support services related to the management of your property. While you are enjoying your returns, we will fully relieve you with a wide range of management services.

More information about renting out newbuilds

Do you own one or more new construction projects and would like to rent them out to reliable tenants? The specialists at Lemon Suites would like to get in touch with you, without any obligation, about renting out your new construction project(s). Please contact us or leave your details so we can get back to you as soon as possible.